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It is common for one to come across various fitness training and among them, one which is becoming a rage among athletes is sports performance training. This is the training of the mind and body to prepare sportsmen for the rigors of specific sports. Now, this kind of fitness program differs extensively from personal training which athletes go through to compete in the sports of their choice rather than in the broader sense of general fitness.

For sports performance training, various individual characteristics like gender, age, and fitness levels are combined in scientifically proven methods of training and exercises to develop a customized and sports specific workout plan which provides enhance sports performance.

Sports Performance Training Provided By Ezfit

The sports performance training of Ezfit mainly focuses on enhancing the performance of the athlete in competition by using the latest advancement in kinesiology and sports science to create sports specific strength and conditioning program which can help in improving the overall athleticism of the athlete.

Not only the sports performance training program concentrates on developing the strength, it improves the speed, agility, power, balance, and coordination of the athlete for the sport they are involved in. For example, a volleyball player who is undergoing the sports performance training of Ezfit will be doing exercise which mimics the movement patterns that are needed in the volleyball court.

The athlete will be focusing on balance, reaction, agility, vertical leap, etc. So, by modeling their abilities and by getting assistance from the training coach of Ezfit, the athlete will be able to develop certain specific abilities which might be required for excelling in the competition.

Sports Performance Training In Basketball

Agility and speed training is important in basketball as it helps in improving the footwork and even the cardio respiratory stamina. This agility and speed training is the major key for decreasing the injury among the basketball players, and that is what the sports performance training of Ezfit provides.

The eight weeks will easily improve the performance for maximum speed phase in sprinting (which is about 20-40 meters) and resisted sprint training (which is nothing but pulling the sled weighted using a 5 kg load). This will easily help in improving the acceleration sprinting phase (which is about 10 meters).

Sports Performance Training In Football

Ankle mobility, foot stability, hip mobility, knee stability, sacral or pelvis or lumbar spine stability, scapula thoracic stability, shoulder or glenohumeral mobility, etc are some of the body joints which needs to be operated in a particular manner. Right from the feet to the fingertips, the human body moves in an alternating pattern throughout the whole kinetic chain.

For example, the human knee joint won’t rotate in 360 degrees of motion just like the shoulder or hip. Rather it operates in a manner which is essentially in a single plane of motion extending and flexing. Now due to this, the joint is considered as a stable joint and the shoulder, hip, and ankle need a huge range of motion for the human movement to happen efficiently.

Through the sports performance training in basketball, basketball players can easily harness the ability to swing their arms and get the stability to sprint. In addition, the performance training in baseball consists of increasing the speed and power, providing strength and strength endurance training, nutrition, agility training, etc.


Performance fitness and endurance training are great unless you know what you are doing and have certain kind of assistance. Ezfit Singapore provides the best performance training where experienced trainers will assist you in each stage of the practice and sporting activities. Not only will they ensure that you become physically active but also be able to develop the required agility and muscles to be the best in your game.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.

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