Rehabilitation and Exercise Following Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is one of the major undertakings and rehabilitation is significant aspects which can help the patients get the best benefits out of the surgery. Basically, the rehabilitation which consists of physical exercise can assist patients in making fast recovery and assist in the balancing and alignment of the body. It is similar to buying a tire for your car. Unless it is aligned and properly balanced, the new tire will be waste of money.

Similar to this is the spine surgery. Just imagine the spine surgery as a new tire and the role of the therapist as the alignment; the engine and balance can be termed as the effects of the surgery which is positive. A physical therapist can work in several ways and along with the patient, he or she would ensure that the patient gets back to good health and apt physical condition by healing from the injuries and back surgeries.

Controlling Pain After Surgery

Physical therapists are trained to assist in managing the pain which comes after a back surgery. The first step for a patient is controlling the pain as it allows patients to get back their strength. It is a very difficult step and a complete rehabilitation program is one which can help in dealing with the pain. Of course, certain amount of pain is indeed present in the recovery stage, and there are various means which physical therapist would use to reduce the pain such as –

  • Ice Application
  • Certain Positions of the Spine
  • Electric Devices
  • Certain kind of Movements

One-to-One Training After The Surgery

In this the therapist would develop the training program which is simply tailor-made for the patients. It involves taking into account the various aspects like the specific surgery of the patient, body type, tissue conditions, etc. The therapist would focus on the facilitation of the muscles around the areas where the muscles will be needing special kind of retraining for getting strength and providing the good amount of stability after the surgery.

Now such kind of surgeries would just focus on

  • Muscles present in the incision areas
  • Muscles which would weaken the nerve problems before the surgery occurs
  • Small muscles which would work around each of the vertebra and helps in stabilizing the spine

Exercising After Recovering From Spine Surgery

Exercise is vital for getting up into shape after the spine surgery. Basically, it is one of the key elements for removing fatigue, avoiding any kind of re-injury and ensuring that patients are able to get back to basic activities in safely. Frankly, exercising is very much crucial for healing and helping the body to grow and develop from the original injury and it helps in preventing and reducing the future issues related to back pain.

Since the physical therapist is aware of your surgery and health history, he or she would individually tailor the entire exercise program which is based on the knowledge related to the exact kind of spine surgery and the basic forces which is very much important for the betterment of the patient’s spine and even under various conditions.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.

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