Exercising After Heart Surgery

For a healthy living and life, one needs to have a more active lifestyle coupled with good amount of exercising. You could try aerobic exercise which involves the continuous training of the huge muscle group ( i.e. present in your legs and arms) and the various body parts. Not only that it helps in making the lungs and heart to work properly and efficiently. One can even say that it helps in controlling the risk factor of the heart stroke and disease.

At the hospital you have the guidance and constant observation of the cardiac department’s staff. They would try to lookout for a program which is suitable for you. While walking or doing exercise on the machines, the staffs would regularly check your blood pressure and heart rate. This would help them to be aware on how your body is responding to the given exercise. Based on this, they would suggest a home program for you.

What To Wear During Exercising

It is better if you dress in comfortable and loose clothing. During the warmer weather, go for cotton T-shirt and shorts. In winter, make sure to layer the clothing while planning to do exercise, especially at outdoors. For example, you could use a windbreaker over a preferred long sleeve shirt. Make sure to cover the mouth and nose with a scarf to keep the air breathed by you warm. Try to avoid wearing heavy and bulky jackets and coats. They would increase the time required for moving your body.

In addition, the body gets heated after exercising and you won’t want to simply be overheated by dressing in a warm way. Women need to wear supportive bar for protecting their breast. Also, wear walking shoes or jogging shoes. There are various shoes which have got supportive arches which can assist in reducing the knee and foot soreness. This is something that occurs when one exercises for a long time.

Aspects To Be Followed

Once you have started to exercise, then you need to follow certain aspects as and when you are exercising. You have to make sure to check the heart rate each time when you resting after biking. Do a normal warm-up for about 3 to 5 minutes by biking or going for slow way without any resistance. By this, the blood flow will increase and it would warm up the muscles for doing various activities. In addition, you would need to adjust the given workload and the intensity involved in exercising. The increasing work load can be done through walking at a brisk pace.

You could try to walk uphill and then slow down your speed for maintaining the constant level of heart rate and exertion.

If you are biking, try to maintain for a normal speed while pedaling. Go for decent speed of 40-50 rpm. You can do the biking for thirty to forty minutes and when the tension knob gets tighten, you can increase the workload. It is important that at each and regular intervals you would need to constantly check your heartbeat and monitor it.

At any time you feel uneasy or problem in breathing, then call your doctor or the nearest hospital.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.

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