The Top 10 Muscles Women Love

Women like men who are not only braw and intelligent, but have a good chiseled six packs. A guy who is showing off his chiseled look impresses the feminine group as a healthy and active person. No doubt, it is somewhat true and there are various other body parts that ladies like to check out at the beach or in the bed.

Of course, women have got different popular muscles, and the below are some of the major ones which are head-turner and attractive for women. Not that women have a liking for physical appearance, but the given muscles are something which redefine women on how their boyfriends or better half have to be, like a price possession.

Mighty Forearms

Women have a great affinity with strong forearms and think that men who have bulky forearms can do all heavy work. Whether it is building a home, fending off muggers, etc, this does provides a dexterous touch and affection making them quite satisfied. So, just roll up your sleeves and show them the mighty forearms.

Six Pack Abs

You could be having the biceps that is the size of a bowling ball, however, if you having the starting of a gut, then any discriminating lady would just twice before ever considering you as a boyfriend material. What fear they have is that an excess midriff would mean that you are fat and would become a bloated sausage in coming years.

Attractive and tight butt

Most women check out the butt of men as it is the basic clue to the worthiness of any physical specimen. So in case if you are in good shape, then it depicts a high masculine aspect for you. And in case if your rear end simply drops like a sack of ancient potatoes, no girl would be attracted with it.

Sculpted and broad shoulders

Do you know that shoulder muscles are the original muscles of war and love? Most of the doctors and diet specialist feel that broad shoulder do give a masculine feeling for men and the whole look when combined with a strong and broad back gives a man muscular look. Basically, strong shoulders simply sweep women from their feet.

Broad and Strong Back

It is important to keep in mind that a broad and wide back is very much important for V-shaped torso which makes women attracted. Some people may feel that it is due to the genetic pool that makes people accustomed with having a good back. Most of the researchers feel that the gene pool makes people feel protected under the shadow of a strong back.

Huge Chest

Women like men who have a great and hard chest. Some may get turn-on seeing the chiseled and raw chest.

Rock Hard Calves

Most health and sex experts are awe of men who have the basic strength and fitness. If they see a man is healthy and strong enough to lift something,but does not have the stamina to run, it would seem disproportion.

Huge Biceps

A recent poll conducted in a given fashion magazine has found out that among 6 women, two like men who have got strong and nice biceps which makes them quite attractive.

So, the above given are some of the basic points of how much women like men who have great muscles.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.