Weight Training for Women in Singapore

Weight Training for Women in Singapore

Fitness and exercising can be somewhat intimidating. For women it is all about being fit and sexy. And if you go to the gym, the presences of the weird-kind of machines and equipment, ones which you might find or don’t know how to use, make you feel why you opted for such things. But there are many who being new to the world of weights enter the gym feeling quite happy and excited. Sometimes there is so much going on, it will be overwhelming to know where to start.

Most people know that the friendly neighborhood exercise machines will never fail you and now it is the best time to hop on one and begin sweating. This is something where few people choose to remain silent and see others do awesome workouts with envy.

And as you master enough courage to go on and try some resistance training, you end up doing what models or the instructors do as shown in the video or Instagram. Oh Boy! Not a good one though. You check around to see if anybody is watching you and as you go through the motion of not wanting to be embarrassed, your only hope is to assume that nobody saw you and more so to the way you were exercising.

Slowly as you move from the exercise machine and divert your attention to the dumbbell rack, you immediately come to a halt. Hot and sweaty muscle freaks would be working out with the dumbbells and you would be thinking of how to avoid glancing freaky looking muscles. Most importantly, you know very well that you aren’t going to do anything if you have dumbbells in your hand.

Then as you feel that you have wasted enough time in the gym by glancing on the various equipment option, you head home and start dreaming about what your next meal should be. Most importantly since you had worked out, you would be thinking of feeding your body with the required nutrients and calories.

So at the end, you end up struggling with the kind of fitness routine you want to do. If these things are what is hampering you from exercising or doing any kind of weight training, then you are really in need of a good fitness intervention which you are definitely going to get it from this article.

Basic Misconceptions

There is a huge amount of misconception in regards to weight training. Most people assume that their body will become bulky and stiff. This so called mythical theory hit a rock-bottom when athletes saw that strength and weight training allowed them to jump higher, hit the ball towards a longer distance and even run quicker. Slowly, they realized the connection between strength and weight training along with sports.

Sadly, many women neglect that strength training thinking more about the disadvantages than advantages.

Nowadays, young people take their life for granted with regards to day-to-day aspects of the life which need good amount of mobility like picking up the newspaper, going up and coming down from the stairs, etc. So, with a sedentary lifestyle it means that individuals are becoming weaker as time passes on. Incorporating strength training can easily turn the clock on this.

Excellent workouts with weight training can make bone strength denser for women.

As people start to age their bones start to take a hit and slowly start to lose their minerals. What happens is that overtime, they start to get more brittle and less dense and even lead to osteoporosis. As per various researches, as compared to men, women have thinner and smaller bones right from the start and just after menopause they will easily lose the estrogen which is the basic hormone that protects bones.

Advantages Of Doing Strength And Weight Training

Do you know strength training even helps in lowering the risk of having several diseases? In fact it is one of the easiest way for a person to increase their metabolism.

There are researches that prove with strength training, one can reduce the chances of getting Type 2 diabetes among women, and in certain cases, even for cardiovascular disease. Also, through these researches, it has come to conclusion that woman who did muscle and strength training exercise will show what kind of health benefits that individual has. In comparison to women who always try to avoid doing muscle-strength exercises, individuals who did it are more likely to get less body mass index.

In addition, women who are suffering from the Type 2 diabetes can lower it about 30% and also reduce the cardiovascular diseases to about 17%. This is better compared to ones who don’t do strength training. For most people by adding aerobic exercise to their daily workout helps in reducing the risk of having diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. However, when it comes to choosing one, it is better to go for weight training.

Of course, cardio is quite digestible and less intimidating, however, people are bound to get less benefits from it as time passes. Most importantly, as you become more fitter, you will end up doing a lot and lot of aerobic exercises to view its advantage. As per most health experts, strength training is one of the best effective exercises for individuals who want to get optimal results in less time.

No doubt, power lifting is one of the best methods of getting the required results. Of course, strength training is more accessible in different forms and many individuals won’t need a gym membership. By using resistant bands and strips of elastic which loop around the legs or arms is surely one of the best ways to create strength without doing any metal weights.

There are even studies which show that women who are more than 60 years old (frail) who were obese, were able to reduce weight and body fat by doing resistance bands for few months. Also, there is another option where you can use lesser equipment and that is by using your own body weight. By constantly sitting down and up on a chair will help in building strength where most of the muscles of the legs are used. In addition, you can even consider walking as strength training and that too based upon intensity.

Also, one even needs to keep in mind that the right amount and type of exercise will be different for each woman and even in terms of effects. Many women who follow strength training regime feel that it can open new thoughts which are good and provides positive thinking.

Getting To Fitness Goals Efficiently

One of the basic problems that women come across is that they aren’t aware of what they need to lift and even why. Common exercise terms like leg day, split and programming might seem like a jargon to them and they won’t have any regards to the context or idea that is applicable to many people. Frankly, these fancy words mean only one thing. It is the best means for one to reach their fitness goals.

Also, if you really want to get the best results from weight training, it is necessary that you lift with a certain way and techniques. Basically, you need to know that you can’t just wander or move from one machine to another without deciding about what kind of exercise you want to do , basic amount of reps and sets which will be good for you so that you can achieve your goals.

Sometimes you might be confused on what or how you can reach your goals in an effective manner. For that you can take the assistance of the personal trainers present in the gym. Not only it can make exercising easy but even gives you with variety of options to do exercises to get the required results.

Curve Appeal – One Of Best Weight Training Program

This is one of the best programs which can easily improve your muscle size, strength, and even conditions. The format of the workout is quite simple and easy to do too. It consist of the following –


Each of the workouts that you are doing will have warm-up that can easily activate the muscles of your body, increase the blood flow to the muscles, and prepare the nervous system for the workouts. It is one of the best ideas if you do foam rolling just before doing any workout. If you want to do leg workouts, then you need to roll the quads, IT band, hamstrings, calves and piriformis. And if you are planning on doing upper-body workouts, just roll the chest, shoulder, biceps and triceps.

Mobility And Speed Through Activation Movement

If you are planning on doing this movement, then you need to do this for at least 20 reps. Here you won’t have to do all the 20 reps in a single set. All you need to do is select the set and the scheme of the rep that will easily provide and allow you to do the 20 reps without feeling any ounce of tiredness.

Basic Movement For Muscular Strength

The workout you do contains compound and isolated movement. You will have to do such kind of compound movements for five set of five reps. Make sure that you are able to challenge yourself with the weight that you are going to use. You need to ensure that the prime movement is heavier than any kind of assistance movement. Also, occasional rest for about 2-3 minutes will be good between sets.

Getting Muscle Shape Through Assistance Work

This kind of exercise is one which will provide the required tone to your musculature. You need to follow this exercise for about 9-13 reps. Here you won’t need to do any kind of ultra-heavy movements while you are doing such kind of movements. Most of the assistance movements needs to be as short as possible. However, it shouldn’t be so short that you reduce less amount of weight to be lifted as planned.

Getting The Right Conditioning For Fat Loss And Cardiovascular Health

One thing you must keep in mind that your cardio will be available in various forms. So, each day of your training you will have to do about 20 minutes of high-intensity interval exercises. You must select an interval scheme which is not only tough but also achievable. Just go for thirty seconds of sprints followed by a single minute of recovery. For one day each week, you can do about 30-40 minutes of some low-intensity cardio. Also, on such kind of days, you can hop into your best cardio machine to burn off some extra fat.

Wrapping Up

The above exercises will provide you a fair idea of how to get the best results with weight training. For women, there is always a pressure on getting the perfect figure and also the best body. Well, it is not that difficult, but with proper weight training and cardio exercise you can really bring a change to your workouts and get the perfect shape!


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.