Successful Weight Loss in Singapore

Successful Weight Loss In Singapore

Ever thought of losing weight? Seriously, who hasn’t? Surely there would have been various individuals providing you with information on how to reduce your waistline and get a six pack.

Your gym buddies knows the secret to weight loss; it might be to stop eating after 7 p.m. Even Facebook friends follow general lifestyle and has been in the summer shape for past six months. Whatever reason or madness they follow, you really need to think whether such tips work? Let’s not waste your time on dummy methods or seemingly easy ways to starve yourself which compromises your social life. Well, all you got is one life and you need to enjoy it but in a healthy way.

Best Solutions For A Weight Loss

Being Honest Regarding Daily Calorie-Intake

For some it might sound funny, but there are people who keep a calorie budget. And they do it for maintaining weight or losing some extra pounds. One thing that most people never realize is that the calorie budget provides and creates a healthy routine and removes all kind of frustration regarding weight control.

For knowing the best or required calorie intake, you can always go to a good dietician in Singapore. They will provide the necessary calorie intake based on your age, gender and physical activity level.

Avoid Getting Hungry (I mean too hungry)

There are times when the body takes over the mind and compromises your judgement. Among all the urges that you go through, hunger is something that is not easy to resist. When you are really famished, it is tough to hold it off until there is a good food in front of you.

So what happens is that you end up consuming anything which isn’t healthy and is something that you might regret later. Planning for a good snack or meal can work wonders to avoid any kind of intense hunger and this is quite best for your health and mind. Go for some healthy snacks like a well-cooked egg, an ounce of pistachios and whole grain cracker. Make sure that you don’t skip any meals.

Go For The Red, Orange & Green Rule

When you are having a meal, it is better if you can add any one food that has these colors – orange, red and green. Simply by focusing on such foods, you can get more benefits from your plate and avoid having any extra space on your plate for higher-calorie food stuffs. Also, colourful veggies and fruits can make your skin look radiant and healthier.

Having the Right Food for Post Workout

Do you keep account of the amount of calories that you have or burned while doing exercise. One thing that you need to know that sometimes the estimated numbers can be less than the actual calories burned. So, when you simply overestimate the calories that are burnt while exercising, you might end up eating more than what you want, thereby making weight loss and maintenance difficult.

There are various studies which have shown that high-intensity exercises can make women to eat more and through a moderate exercise you can have an easier weight control.

Become Heavy Drinker

Don’t get carried away with the option of being a heavy drinker. You should never immerse yourself in tons of alcohol beverages. Here it refers to water – the elixir of life. Water is quite necessary for keeping your body hydrated and you might end up with getting water weight by not drinking enough of it. Each person’s daily water consumption needs differ and the recommended daily amount is about 64 ounces.

Go For One Less Bite

By following this procedure at every meal, you can simply save about 75 calories each day and it is somewhat equivalent to about 8-pound of weight loss in a single year.

Make Your Food Spicy

Various studies have shown that by adding hot spices, you can easily curb your hunger. Also, studies have even proved that capsaicin which is the common compound found in chilies will trigger your brain and release the feel-good endorphins.

Get Rid Of Salt

Do you know salt is the major contributor of weight gain. Often it is the major reason why the numbers on your scale isn’t going down. An average American will take about twice amount of salt which he or she needs to have each day, thereby leading to weight gain and even bloating. This will lead to the inability of losing the stubborn pounds.

Also there are chances that salt will make you feel more thirstier and hungrier. It is better if you check out the nutrition labels for high sodium levels and go for fresh food over packaged food.

Don’t Assume Diet Soda Is Good For Weight Loss

As per a recent study, it was found out that the more diet soda an individual consumes, the greater he or she has the risk of being overweight. Do you know that by downing two or more cans of diet soda in a day can easily increase the waistline by 400%-500%. How? Well, it is simple.

Artificial sweeteners will easily disrupt the natural abilities of the body, especially when you want to regulate the calorie intake which is based on the sweetness found in the food. That it means that individuals who consume diet soda will end up in overeating as their body will be tricked in thinking that they are eating sugar and will end up in craving for more.

Concentrate On The Nutrients Rather Than Calories

You have to make sure that you are eating occasionally the required amount of proteins, fat, carbs rather than counting the number of calories. This will end up in providing better energy as well as fat loss which will provide the body what it needs, meaning a faster and longer digesting nutrients which will make you feel less hungry.

Keep The Record Of Food

Not many people know that by keeping a food record is the best way of losing weight and keeping it accountable. Various studies have shown that individuals who keep regular food records lose twice the amount of weight in comparison to ones who don’t . By keeping a food diary, you can easily keep track of what you are eating, how much you eaten and if you have added anything to your food like oils, condiments, etc.

Place Food Away From your sight

If you keep food within your eyesight as you are eating, you might end up reaching for the second helping irrespective of whether you are hungry. So, the best thing you can do is place the food on the stove or kitchen counter, take a portion of the serving you want on your plate and then sit at your table and eat. By this method, even if you want to have one more serving, you will get up, which will make you more mindful of what you are having.

Begin With A Soup

It is better if you can start the day with a soup. Individuals who have low-calorie veggie soup just before having a meal end up consuming about 15%-20% lesser calories. Try to go for ones that have low-calorie broth filled with vegetables and that too before consuming a huge meal, so that you can reduce your weight and calories without feeling hungry.

Try To Outsmart The Hunger Hormone

It is common knowledge that sometimes the focused and motivated dieter will end up in struggling to be successful in losing weight, especially when the hunger takes over. The human body produces a hormone which is called as ghrelin; this simply controls one’s hunger and drives out the appetite.

Now if we don’t try to control and monitor the ghrelin, then there is no chance in losing weight. The best method to control the ghrelin is by consuming balanced and small meals every three to four hours. This is because ghrelin can get spiked after about 4 to 5 hours of fasting. So, it is better if you can eat at regular intervals so that this eating trigger can be kept at bay.

Take Your Own Time

Do you know that rapid eaters are often more heavier compared to ones who are slow eaters? As per a recent research it takes something about 20-25 minutes for the stomach to communicate message to the brain that you have consumed enough and even satisfied.

Keep in mind that if you end up in rushing to have your meal, and eat fast, the satiety cue won’t be satisfied and it can’t be tuned to the feeling of being full and will end up in overeating. Here it is better if you start to chew each bite of the food for about 10 times, and keeping the frock down while having the bites and enjoying a relaxing eating environment rather than eating hurriedly.

Have A Date With Your Kitchen

Most people feel that when it concerns weight loss, one should always devote a huge amount of time (i.e. 80%) and effort to exercising and nutrition. Frankly, it is easy to do and one of best ways is by scheduling the time and having a date with the supermarket nearby you and even with your kitchen.

However, restaurant dishes are somewhat out of your control and the best part is that most of them have outrageous amount of salt and fat. Shocking isn’t it? You must start cooking food at home and it is better if you can monitor the amount of calories that you having consuming.

Have Dinner Anytime

Now it is a strange myth concerning that you will easily gain weight which can be a direct result of consuming food after 7 pm. Of course, there are various individuals who working at a private practice and come back home late. It doesn’t mean that you need to skip the dinner if you are planning to lose the extra flab.

There are many people who stop having food after 5 p.m. and sometimes this will result in overeating. This cycle will continue and is not the best one since it can shut down your metabolism. Research shows that you need to consume about 70% of your calories just before having dinner and the remaining 30% while having dinner irrespective of the time. Try to provide yourself with some 90 minutes for ending your meal and then head to bed. It requires 90 minutes for the human body to digest food for sleeping comfortably.

Breathe Away All The Unwanted Cravings

Now this might seem obvious. Here all you must do is breathe and here it means to breathe consciously or deeply. Just think about it. When was the last time you took a slow, long and deep breath and then allow it to slowly get out. Such kind of deep breathing will bring you out of immense stress and even oxygenate the tissue cells and brain, thereby helping to reduce the stress hormones of the body.

It is better if you can take some breathing breaks all through the day or it is better if you can pair those breaks along with a quiet walk so that you can disassociate from the tough stress. Long walks each day along with few long and deep breaths can provide the required results to your body.

Consume Food Before Any Event or Party

It is better if you don’t go to an event, big meal or party feeling hungry. There are studies which show that you end up overeating starchy carbs, cheesy foods or fried foodstuffs compared to ones who don’t fast before any meal.


It is easy to have successful weight loss if you follow a strict routine and program. Frankly, it isn’t that difficult. All you need to do is follow the above given steps to see a difference.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.