Workout Routine for Women to Get Strong and Toned


Sometimes you spend many hours at the gym or even exercising at your home. You would have lost some weight and that would make you feel happy. Is that good enough?

However, you would not be having complete satisfaction, especially when it concerns the way your body looks. You would be looking to have stronger and more defined muscles compared to having a weaker one.

Well, the time has come for you to step up the game and try to join many other women. There would be ones that are focused on the goal of having the kind of body that you always wanted, a strong and fit one. Sometimes you would want to be as fit as the celebrities that share their fitness and toned body on the Instagram and other social media sites.

So, ladies get ready!

Feeling Complicated With the Exercise

When it concerns the type of body you want will not be hard choice. Try some of the 5-day workout routines that can help you to get the required body you want. Like the one that you dreamed of, in a step-by-step manner.

You need to forget about just sitting around and wasting your time. Some women would do that as they have no idea what to do next. The best part is that you will not need to spend hours at the gym, moving from one machine to another without having the slightest clue on how to use them.

Plus, no more on trying to follow the exhausting 12-week workout program. You might come across one that promises the full-body transformation. However, you would end up giving the next Monday. Try to visualize the goals you have through the simple workout plan and make sure that you are doing something that your future body and future self would appreciate about. It is all about adding a small amount of determination and the results would be very much amazing.

Best Weight Training and Cardio Training for Women

Women begin to work out just to tone their body, good butt and even losing belly fat. When weight training is going on for women, there needs to be an emphasis on such areas. However, they need to work on other necessary muscle groups in the process. You need to keep in mind that the whole body would require to be toned, especially when you want to have a balanced body and try to reap the extensive benefit of strength training.

In the same way, cardio is necessary for improving the oxygen delivery to the muscles and even shedding the fat for a toned and slimmer look. Now for any kind of cardio like the treadmill, however, the method would work for all kinds of cardio as per your needs.

You should try to make sure that you start at a slow speed and then try to increase the speed every two minutes as soon as you reach the required levels. Do you know that cardio is necessary for improving the oxygen delivery to muscles? Also, it would help to shed the fat for getting a toned and slimmer look.

When it concerns any kind of cardio that even one that uses the treadmill, you need to make sure that you start at a slower speed. Then you must increase the speed at every 2 minutes till you can reach to the required effort level. Just think of it as a warm-up. For making it easy, you need to keep track of the effort level that is necessary on certain days of the workout routine.

When the 6/10 effort level is present, you need to have steady breathing. However, deeply, you should be able to speak a full sentence with a certain difficulty. At the 8/10 effort level, you can have a bit of breathing difficulty, and sometimes you would be able to speak few short words that too with huge difficulty.

Always keep in mind that you should try to cool down later. Even you need to reduce the speed at all two minutes till you have sufficiently cooled down. The cooldown count and warm-up should to the total cardio time.

When it concerns the female workout plan, it is made up of five days of training –

  • 5 days of weight training
  • 3 of those 5 days of around 10-20 minutes cardio
  • 2 days of rest

Train Your Body With Moderate and Heavy Weight for Getting Toned Body

Many people use the word toning just to get the muscles. You do need to realize that this is too much. They feel that doing such long repetitions would give them a necessary toned body.

Having a toned body means that you need to have strong muscles with having a low percentage of body fat. That can provide you the best toning effect. Hence, toning happens all because of the nutrition and even including the workouts.

By lifting heavy and moderate weights along with a short rest period would allow you to burn more amount of fat. In the women’s workout routine, always focus on lifting heavy and moderate weights for being in the shape.

Women Need to Aim for 10-12 Reps for Being in Great Shape

As you are aware that you are on the path of getting fit, you should make sure that your muscles need to work effectively. For doing that, you need to try to aim for around 10-12 reps. This would be the best rep range that can provide a great definition of your muscles.

When it concerns bodyweight exercises, it might be one that does not require weights. In that case, the rep range needs to be increased. You are not limited to a certain type of set amount of weight; you are going through the motions of the exercise. These would be the one that requires less effort but can be amazingly effective in strengthening and toning the target muscles.

Additionally, the rep range would be increased during the warm-ups. When warming up, you need to use less weight. Here the point of the warm-up is to get the muscles and joints active. These would be accustomed to the motion you will be doing at a higher weight to reduce the risk of injury.

Doing 5-Day Workout Routine for Women

Are you going to follow the five-day workout routine?

This is a great workout routine for women and helps them to become strong and toned. When you correctly follow them, you would begin to see and feel in a noticeable way, and the improvements would be seen on the weekly basis.

Through exercise, you can develop lean muscles and even keeping the calorie in check. That would help to melt the stubborn body fat that is present in your body.

Monday – Exercising Your Chest and Arms

Do the flat bench barbell press for around 4 sets of the 8 reps. Followed by the push-up exercise which would be of 4 sets of the 10 reps. Then you need to do the cable crossovers that would be around 3 sets of the 15 reps.

You can even try the incline dumbbell flyers that would be 4 sets out of the 12 reps. The barbell biceps curls can be done with the 3 sets out of the 15 reps. Additionally, you can try the alternate arm hammer curls for 4 sets of the 12 reps per arm.

Another exercise that you can do is the triceps rope overhead extensions for 3 sets of 20 reps. This can be followed by the triceps dips for 3 sets out of the 15 reps. And lastly, ten minutes on the elliptical machine.

Tuesday – Exercising Your Shoulders & Back

You can do the standing barbell military press for around 4 sets of 10 reps. This can be followed by the dumbbell lateral raises and you can do this for 4 sets out of the 15 reps. The EZ bar upright rows would be an excellent exercise and you can do 3 sets out of the 15 reps.

Another exercise you can do is the seated dumbbell shoulder press. Do around 4 sets out of the 10 reps, and you can even try the dumbbell shrugs for 4 sets out of the 10 reps. The close grip lat pulldown exercise can be also be done, where you can do 4 sets out of the 12 reps. This can be followed by dumbbell bent-over rows which you can do for 4 sets out of the 12 reps per arm. Lastly, you can do the T-Bar rows for 4 sets out of the 10 reps.

Wednesday – Do Cardio Circuit

Here you can do 10 burpees followed by 10 push ups. Do not stop there and try to add more exercises like 20 squat thrusts, 15 crunches, 3 sets of ten hanging leg raises, etc. Also, you can do 3 x 1minute rounds of plank, followed by 20 minutes of low-intensity cardio on the treadmill.

Thursday – Go for the Strength Exercises

You can begin with the incline dumbbell press that involves around 5 sets of the 5 reps. Also, try out the flat bench barbell press that contains 5 sets of the 5 reps. Furthermore, try out the deadlifts for 5 sets of the 5 reps.

Additionally, you can try the barbell clean and press for 5 sets of the 5 reps and then go for the barbell bent-over rows for 5 sets of the 5 reps. You can even add barbell snatch for 5 sets of the 5 reps. You can end the exercising by doing 10 minutes on the stationary bike.

Friday – Go for the Leg Exercises

Begin by doing the barbell squats for 4 sets of 8 reps. After that try 3 sets of the 12 reps of the leg press machine. Then you can do the leg extensions exercise for 3 sets of the 15 reps. After that, you can do the hamstring curls for 3 sets of the 15 reps.

Later, you can try the 4 sets of the 10 reps per leg of the walking lunges exercise. You can even try the seated or standing calf raises for 4 sets of the 20 reps per leg. This can be followed by a 10-minute exercise on the elliptical machine.

Specific Diet and Nutrition to Follow

Keep in mind that exercising is just only one aspect of your workout and strength routine. You need to eat right so that you get the correct and required amount of oxygen. If not all your efforts would go into vain.

You cannot follow a bad diet and do the planned exercise. Most importantly, you will not get the required results and you won’t be able to do the exercise, as you would be losing energy at a faster rate.

Some of the tips and the best diet you can follow are –

Drink a Lot of Water

When it comes to health and exercise, water plays a major role. You need to be hydrated whenever you are exercising, so constantly have water at your disposal.

Consume a Lot of Healthy Proteins

Whenever women work out, they need a good amount of proteins for muscle growth and even repair. For getting a strong and toned body, they need enough of it.

Try For Good Quality of Whey Protein

Whey protein supplement is a great one to invest in. You can easily build muscles and even burn out unnecessary fat.

Wrapping Up

For women, exercising is necessary and important. They need to do all kinds of exercises that make their body strong and healthy. With a dedicated exercising regime and a good diet, they can get the necessary results to become healthy and fit.

Go ahead and take time to check out which workout plan fits you. However, make sure to follow it properly and never try to give up even when you feel that it is tough. Ultimately, it is all about living a healthy life.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.

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