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Personal Training:

Ezfit personal training programs are notably designed to work your entire body and boost your overall health. You will feel healthier and energized.
The program helps to make you:
– Increase energy levels
– Sensible diet changes
– Achieving a better look
– Reduce body fat levels
Our personal trainers are available for the various training programs to achieve your goals quickly and effortlessly.

Personal Training for Kids:
Ezfit kid’s personal training program is mainly for the children who fight with childhood obesity and have been trying to overcome it. Kids will be given a one on one personal training program which includes,
– Functional Strength
– Coordination
– Balance
– Flexibility
– General Fitness
– Self confidence
– Movement and Reaction skills

Corporate program:
Ezfit corporate program helps to train up the corporate workers on how to better handle work stress through the help of exercise. Basic training and advice will be given by the personal trainers to keep them fit both mentally and physically.
Education – Educate the workers on physical activity, seminar based tutorials, nutrition and mental strategies.
Physical Activity – Target to move around at the workplace
Fit test – Beginning and end of program.

Fit For Photo Program:
It will guide you towards right track for a total fitness transformation. The 63-Day fit to photo training program includes all the elements that have helped thousands of our clients achieve success.
– Capturing pictures at the start and end
– Total Nutrition Plan
– Support to improve your lifestyle

Rehab Training:
Organized health transformation program for the clients who has been recently recovered from multiple health issues includes general sickness, stroke, diabetics and cancer. Once after the recovery from health issues they need a personal trainer to train them back to normal life. Our Personal trainer will be completely involved with the clients to make them fit. After training, they can find improvements in their body, where they become more independent, level confidence goes up, better overall shape and better overall standard of living.

Pre & Post Natal:
This training provides the framework for prenatal and postnatal women to help them with delivery and to get them back to shape in a safe and effective manner respectively. The benefits of having this training before and after pregnancy are,
– Reduced mental stress and anxiety
– Quicker recovery from child birth
– Lesser Complications in pregnancy
Personal trainers certified with pre and post-natal training will help you to achieve your fitness goals with the appropriate exercises.

Boot Camp
We usually talk about losing weight and getting back into shape. It’s time to form up small groups of 3 to 6 pax to get the ball rolling. EzFit boot camps exercises that will help you burn some serious calories while having fun!.

Online Personal Training
The online personal training program educates the clients about the basic fundamentals of fitness and its uses. It has the online videos which guides you through wherever you are in the world and also lets you have instant connection with your assigned personal trainer. Personal trainers will design a monthly program, with nutritional and diet guidelines, and will guide you along as you go through the program. You will always be available to talk to your trainer whom will help you transform your body, losing fat and building muscle.

Postural correction Program:
Let us help you solve neck, back, hip, knee and foot issues. Our program focuses on the root cause of the problem with us listening to your symptoms. The program helps to properly align your body and maximize your mobility.
– Fixes your injuries and Pains
– Stay pain free with simple exercises
– Keep joints healthy and strong
– Prevent future injuries and pains

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