Why Should You Have a Personal Trainer Instead of Watching Videos?

The constant vision of a trainer or gym instructor pushing, yelling and cursing his clients to the level of near collapsing is a scene that can scare a lot of people. Maybe it is the major reason why people have second thoughts on hiring a personal trainer. Of course, what people never realize is that there are quite a lot of benefits with regard to using the services of personal trainer.

While there are some personal trainers who maybe tough and strict, but most of them are quite easy going and work with their clients in a less threatening way by assisting them in gaining their specific goals. Knowing the basic benefits and advantages of the personal trainer can help in finalizing whether the investment is fruitful or not.

Achieving Goal

The biggest advantage of having a personal trainer is that it would help in defining the fitness goal of yours. The trainer would take into account of what is your current fitness level and interact with you on how to achieve that particular workout. It is true that you may have got some basic idea on the kinds of goals that you need to set, but professionals like personal trainers would assist you in breaking them into smaller goals which are quite realistic and specific.

Getting Personalized Workouts

Personal trainers are know to have the basic quality of creating and chartering specific workouts and plans to get the best body. Basically, it is quite based on what kind of body you would want to achieve. The personalized plan would give one a great amount of workout plan which would be easy and effective to follow. Plus such trainers would be knowing your medical background and physical conditions, thereby making the program and exercise fitting to your needs.

Giving Instructions

One of the advantages of taking the services of professional trainers is that you get the proper and the best way to do each of the exercise and develop your routine. The professional trainer would demonstrate each of the movements and exercise live and personally, so that you can see it and make any correction related to the technique or posture. Basically, learning on how to do an exercise properly would easily diminish the risk of getting injured.


Motivation is a quality which is quite difficult to maintain when one is exercising on his or her own. Basically, doing regular exercise with a qualified trainer can easily develop and enhance the required motivation. This also applies for those people who don’t get or use personal trainers for each of the session.


A good trainer would easily teach you the various kinds of exercises and the benefits that they provide, so that you won’t get bored doing them continuously. At times certain exercises may not work for you and your trainer could make the necessary changes or alterations in it to suit your needs and requirements.

To conclude, having a personal trainer means that you can know where you went wrong and avoid making those silly mistakes again.


Saravavan Nadarajan (Vanan)

Vanan, fitness expert and leader at EzFit Singapore, specializes in holistic training—home-based, boot camps, and corporate fitness—with over a decade of industry experience.