Have You Heard of Visceral Fat?   Most people might comment you have a fatty side but what they never realize is that you are storing energy in the form of fat. But excess of it, is not something that you really want. The most common among all kinds of fat is the visceral fat….

Benefits of Barefoot Training The popularity of barefoot training is increasing each day as there are more and more individuals opting for it. Seriously, many famous coaches, trainers and health experts are advocating this. Do you know that barefoot running which is a part of barefoot training is becoming hugely popular? There are multiple exercise…

It isn’t easy to train clients having chronic injuries. Especially for those clients who are injured, and their injury is undiagnosed and sometimes untreated. Sometimes this might be outside the scope of practice for personal trainers when they need to treat or diagnose any kind of sport related injuries. Of course, you have various personal…

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